Our Philosophy
Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht

We have been breeding Maine Coons since the year 2002 on a small scale, which shall remain that way. Our cats are first and foremost members of the family, and we treasure the individual cat more than our breeding ambitions. A small number of cats allows us to give each and every one the attention it deserves. We have two to three litters a year, and we are convinced that only this way the best socialization and accommodations can be obtained.

In breeding cats two things are of highest interest to us: One is that our animals can lead a long and happy life; the second is that they bring lots of joy to their new families. That is why health and a good temper are our top priorities. Without these, breeding makes no sense to us in the first place.

Our breeding cats are carefully chosen and come from reputable breeders. Their ancestors are tested for potential genetic diseases and we have our cats checked on a regular basis, too. This -in our opinion- is the responsibility of a good breeder. Our cats are social, affectionate, and peaceful. The kittens are raised under foot. We love the Maine Coons for their temperament, their robustness and for their wonderful look. We care a lot for an atheletic structure, strong bones and a nice musculature. Concerning phenotype our breeding goal is to preserve the original wild expression of the Maine Coon instead of emphasizing certain traits to the extreme at the expense of health and robustness.

Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
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