CH GoingLight Coconut of Juniatas
Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht

      Date of birth:




      19. April 2005

      Juniatas Cashew

      Highfidelity Spookey Secret

      Silver classic tabby / white

      Berit Falk

Coco is almost too perfect to say something about her at all. She is a calm, affectionate cat, who simply does not have any problems or flaws. She gets along with all the other cats, takes good care of her offspring and she is nice and gentle with visitors, especially with children.

Coco’s type leaves nothing to be desired. So far we have not discovered any flaws on her. Now, I realize this makes Coco sound too nice and too beautiful to be true; nevertheless, she is! Her ears are very big and well set, her chin is far better than “good”, and her fur is glamorous – that is, when she is not taking care of six kittens. And her boning is strong. With all this, she has a very sensitive character and after a long exhausting day having her on one’s lap is like balm for the soul.

We are very grateful to Berit Falk of GoingLight Cattery for entrusting us with this wonderful girl sired by our Cashew.

Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
Juniatas Cashew
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Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht



Latest screening on 03/13/10 by Dr. med. vet. Ingo Schneider in Nidderau

c-MybPC negative

X-Ray by Dagny Stauffer in Mainz

PKD negative

Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
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