RW GC Lunarcoons Peanut of Juniatas
- Spay -
Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht

      Date of Birth:




       21. April 2003

      IW SGC Lunarcoons Ganymede

      TGC Coonmora Scrumptious

      Brown mackerel tabby / white

      Paul Huntley

Peanut is our founding queen, and with Chevsky one of her great-grandchildren is already in breeding action. Peanut is the oldest of our cats and she chaperons everybody here -the other cats, their kittens and us- dutifully.

Peanut bristles with health. She has never had even a sore eye. She dependably has small, healthy litters, of which she takes care of in an absolutely devotional way. She passes on her patient, affectionate character to her kittens.

One of Peanut’s strengths is her boning and her fabulous ear set. Many of her male offspring have perfectly set ears even at an older age when they have much larger heads. Peanut has a nice, defined muzzle and a strong chin. In our opinion, she has a gorgeous warm brown color.

Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
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black mac. tabby

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Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht



Latest Color Doppler screening by Dr. med. vet. Ingo Schneider in Nidderau on 03/13/10

c-MybPC negative by default

Screened by Dr. Weimer in Mainz

PKD negative
Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
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