Leather and Lace Freya of Juniatas
Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht





      09. March 2017

      Versus Ryusei

      Leather and Lace Apollonia 6

      black smoke / white

      John Monster

Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
Versus Ryusei

black silver cl. tabby / white
Versus Ice Dive
black silver cl. tabby / white
Mainesuspect Lacoste Mainesuspect Profiler
Unicoon Water Lily
Coonoquan Marielle Nascat R/R Phantom
Coonoquan Escada
Versus Danea
black smoke
Onocoon Anthony Shonancats Mamezou
Williamina Twinkle Lil Star
Versus Laetitia Coonyham Valentino
Versus Lady Brenda
LeatherAndLace Apollonia6
brown mc. tabby / white
Wistariantale Prince George
brown mc. tabby
Wistariantale Michelangelo Williamina Genji
Smokeycoons Moxee
Wistariantale Tosca Felidream Siddartha
Wistariantale Snow Boots
LeatherAndLace Missundaztood PP
black mc. torbie / white
Behold the Anthem of Nations PP Prairiebaby Harvest Rain PP
Praylyne One Nation Under God
Madepi-Coon Nifty Red Ruby Le Beau Minu Bobby Sox
Madepi-Coon Irenchen
Juniatas Maine Coon Zucht
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